Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Change of Plans…

Haven’t posted in quite some time and figured time for an update.  My original plan for this trip was circumnavigation of Georgian Bay, the majority of this blog so far has been around the planning of that trip.

Good news/Bad News, downside, will be postponing the Georgian Bay trip until next year. Upside, still doing a trip this year and will do essentially the same route as last year,  Trent Waterway from Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario.  I will be doing the Georgian Bay trip at some point in the future but my reason for trip change this year is simple, bringing a date. 

After stopping in Buckhorn for a day last year, I planted the bug to Julie that she should give kayaking a try, well… she heard me loud and clear and since that point hasn’t stopped bugging me about coming along this year, after she went out and picked up all her gear, how can I say no, joking of course on the bugging part.

Will be a blast to have her along,  we did do a kayak weekend last year to make sure she would enjoy,  went out in Georgian Bay for overnighter, weather wasn’t the best but she was a trooper and didn’t loose interest in the thought of going this year.

Having said that, when I think back to planning last year and never having kayaked before, wouldn’t of considered doing Georgian Bay so with this being Julie’s first real trip I didn’t think it was fair to put her out in Georgian Bay for 2+ weeks unprepared. 

Julie maintains that I should keep my original plan and not change just because she is coming but I think it is the wisest decision.  I enjoyed the Trent so can’t think of any reason why it would be any less enjoyable a second time, especially when I know what to expect now.

Point is to get away from the city and be out on the water, destination less important to me.  She will give me grief when she reads this but too bad Julie, trip planner prerogative.

Here we go!

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