Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 9 Plan

Destination: Pointe au Baril
Distance: ~25km

Cross over to McCoy Islands from Mink Islands and then into Shawanaga Inlet up to Point au Baril.

Ex-wife has and her family have many cottages in this area, if she is there I will most likely stop in for a cold beer. Don’t think the kids will be there though as they will most likely be at camp in Algonquin at the same time.

Remember when I posted about bears and rattlers? This summer my 9 year old ran into a bear walking the 30ft from the sleeping cabin to the main cottage. Heard many a story about bears in this area and remember the hunters going out to shoot some habitual ones. Also remember coming across more than a few rattlesnakes around the cottage.

Beautiful area and also plan on taking a trip to the island which holds the barrel where this place gets its namesake.

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