Friday, August 7, 2009


This trip has the potential to be twice the distance of the Trent Waterway trip,  Georgian Bay has ~600km of coastline as the crow flies.  I put together a trip plan which follows the shore pretty much the entire way,  how closely I follow the shore will depend on weather conditions,  most likely will come in around 750-900k given that there will be some exploring along the way.

I am limiting daily paddle distance to between 20-30k and don’t expect to be doing any 40-60k marathons like the last trip,  it’s a comfortable distance and allows for more time to explore and setup camp at the end of the day.   Trip Plan is just a guideline at the moment and will adjust as planning continues.

The trip should be somewhere between 30-40 days when all is said and done, might need to do it in two stages, would be unfair to my employer to leave for this much time in a row.

If that is the case, I will probably do two 20 day trips so it isn’t rushed and can enjoy all that Georgian Bay has to offer.

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