Monday, February 1, 2010

Buy vs. Rent

Not 100% on whether I’m going to buy a Kayak this year, logically it makes sense now that I have determined I enjoy it and will be doing more trips. Really comes down to cost, probably end up somewhere between 5-6k to fully outfit what comes with a rental for under 1K for 2 week paddle trip, for instance, Kayak, Skirt, Paddle, Spare Paddle, Throw Bag, Pump, Paddle Float, PFD, at some point though it just doesn’t make sense to keep renting so I have been shopping around.

I’ve tried a number of different Kayaks now and generally know what I want, a lot of that decision boils down to the “Coffin” I used last year as it was an amazing boat, sure maybe I’m biased now but oh well, go with what works and comfortable with, others I tried just didn’t do it for me.

One thing I know 100% is I don’t want a Kayak with a 6” inch front hatch opening, which is why I liked the “coffin” from last year, no messing around trying to stuff things in, made life much easier having to pack twice a day for two weeks. Also don’t prefer narrow bows as I found them a pain to pack, sure I could pack smaller or with less but why should I have to, prefer flush mounted hatch covers over those rubber hatches too.

I reviewed which had to be thousands of articles on different boats and given my preferences, I keep gravitating to QCC Kayaks, to me it’s everything I want. Not sure on whether Q500x or Q700x model yet but either one would rock. Reasonable cost compared to other similar kayaks and customer reviews are phenomenal, I like the family owned personal touch aspect of this company.

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