Monday, February 1, 2010

Gear Status

Outside of the Kayak (paddles etc) not much I really need in terms of gear, I got almost everything last year so I’m pretty much all set. I did pick up a few new items having learned a little from last year and I have some must haves for this year and some nice to haves, call it my wish list, hey, I’m a gadget guy and if money was no object... now know why people on expeditions have sponsors.

List does not include gear I already have.

New for this Year (purchased already)

  • Sealine Baja Deck Bag, last year was a pain on the water because I didn’t have much storage for day access, don’t like the 3rd day hatch as it takes up too much room (in my opinion) so this will be nice to store items which I can get access to quickly.
  • Thermarest sleeping pad, the self inflating pad I used last year was great, just too big and took too much room
  • Thermarest Kayak Seat, more padding is never a bad thing, learned the hard way last year, rental kayaks have crappy seats, can also use it to sit on rocks or ground
  • Nalgene (1000ML) I have one from last year but was all scratched up, I like new and now have an extra one
  • Naglene Lantern cap, couldn’t resist, attaches to your Nalgene and turns it into a lantern, doesn’t get extremely bright but saves me having to keep flashlight/headlamp on just to see around the tent at night. Compact and not a big fan of candle lantern in the tent
  • Mini-Folding chair, something to sit is always nice, didn’t need last year as the locks have picnic tables everywhere, Georgian Bay, not so much

Must Have Items (need to get)

  • GPS and Marine Maps, Unlike the Trent Waterway trip, need them for this one
  • Compass, like the Suunto Orca compass but if I buy kayak will get deck mounted instead
  • Cockpit Seal, was major pain waking up every morning and bailing kayak, this should help keep the water and dirt when not in use
  • Waterproof IPOD Case, didn’t use one last year but was always worried, going with an OtterBox for the iTouch
  • Waterproof Headphones, ruined my $300 headphones out of stupidity last year, H20 audio has a great pair of waterproof ones.

Nice to Have Items

  • Personal Locator Beacon, I’m a big fan of these devices if for nothing else other than peace of mind. I was thinking the ACR but FindFast has a new one out that has gotten great reviews.
  • Waterproof Camera – Didn’t take enough pictures last year and only used my Blackberry camera for the ones I did. I have a digital camera and waterproof box but with the new waterproof cameras on the market might have to upgrade
  • Portable Hammock, why the hell not.
  • Kayak Wheels, depends on how much room I have
  • Casio Pathfinder Watch, was looking at the Suunto Vector first but the pathfinder is wicked, digital compass, barometer, temperature, altimeter, solar powered and atomic synchronization, don’t really need this but like I said, I’m a gadget guy and I also collect watches so what’s one more. FYI, Mountain Equipment sells this watch for $100 less than Bass Pro and the Titanium version at MEC is cheaper than the non Titanium version at Bass Pro, what’s up with that.

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