Monday, February 1, 2010

Portage to Portage Paddle Project

A little over a year ago this would have held no interest to me but over the winter months I have been following a number of different people out on their own kayak adventure. This one in particular I have been following daily for about a month now.

Jacob Stachovak is currently going into month 2 of a 10 month, 5,000 mile solo Kayak paddle to do the “Great Loop” basically start in the Great Lakes, head down the Mississippi, across the Gulf of Mexico, around the tip of Florida, up the East Coast then back through the Great Lakes to finish where he started. I so want to do this now, if only I could get the 10 months off work (still be paid of course), makes my 450k Trent Trip seem like child’s play, baby steps, baby steps.

Jake is currently in the Gulf of Mexico just having finished day 55, he started out in a place called Portage in WI and has a great site to follow along with his adventures:

Many people have done the “loop” and it’s quite an achievement by boat, recently read a blog of 2 college girls who did it with a 16 foot aluminum boat and a gentleman that did it by SeaDoo, way fun.

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