Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 3

Not a lot of picture taking on day 3, we were more concerned with keeping the kayaks right side up in the wind and waves.

Overlooking lock, camp is at the end on the right

Getting ready to pack Kayaks, such a sunny morning

Some random island to get out of the wind for a break
Julie happy to be off Couchiching for a bit at a day camp

Checking GPS for alternate camping spots and waiting for the wind to die down, hard to tell from picture but was blowing into our face at 35km, took two attempts to round the point on the left and then 6 foot waves. Looking back should have stayed at this kids camp
Julie not impressed that Ojibway Marine won't let us use 5 feet of all this grass, acres of it all around, nope, go back out on the water please, we don't allow tents. Amazing day out except for the crazy wind

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