Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 11

Gadget guy checking to make sure I have them all

Michael Gillespie and his wooden kayak

Julie strippin down

Only boat to slow down for us, had to take a picture

Lots of Blue Heron around

More turtles

Nice boat, 48' Sundance, with "Broker" dude

Julie taking dirt out of her kayak which was flung in by some little kid who didn't see us there

Coming into Lakefield

Lock just around the corner

Oh sure, slow for the houseboats but us little kayakers?

Fit in sideways behind houseboat

Brian & Bev, our gracious hosts from Youngs Point who fed us drinks

Boys weekend, blow-up doll not included in boat rental

Our second speedo sighting just outside the lock, WTF, Julie took this picture not me!

Checking various gadgets in lock, GPS...check.....Wind Station...check....

Nice place to get a higher education

Trenton University


On one side of canal

On the other side

Reggie, Julie's ride.

Our camping spot at Peterborough Lift Lock

Visitor Center

The Lift Lock

Julie showing where we are

Mother duck who wouldn't let any of the little chicks eat bread, selfish

Eventually, little ones get some, probably shouldn't be feeding em subway right?

Seagul swooped by and grabbed this one by the neck to get the bread I was feeding, opps.

Mother protecting the young, just not sharing any food

Lift Lock view from our camp site

Beer please

Pistons that lift the lock, they add 1 extra foot of water in tub at the top and it pushes the other up. 13 tonnes of water that is

View from the top

Overlooking golf course

View down the canal

Tourist shot

Tourist Shot with Julie

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