Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gear Review - Kayak

Rented a 16'2" Seaward Cosma Fibreglass Kayak from Mountain Equipment Co-op.


Only complaint I have with this kayak is the size, it’s a lot smaller than the 18’ Current Design kayak both in terms of storage space and cockpit room.  Still packed everything (including the kitchen sink) however, would have been an issue if I was solo this time because I pack a lot of stuff for 2 weeks.  Had to fully pack both kayaks and there wasn’t that much more than what I fit into one kayak last year.  Extra space makes all the difference and will definitely be going with a 17’ or 18’ high volume when I purchase.  Would have also been nice to have a little more room behind the seat for storage, was pretty tight.

Now the good stuff..

Kayak is amazing in rough water and as stable as a rock that doesn’t sink, at no point did I feel like the conditions were above the limits of the kayak in any way.

For the most part tracked straight in the wind with very little wind cocking and was much better with the rudder deployed,  rudder smart system was ok and preferred it over the standard push rudder pedals, did however have to play with it a number of times to get the adjustment just right.  

Glassed in hatches from the cockpit made all the difference in the world, nothing got wet in the hatches and they also have the rudder cables coming out of the top of the kayak instead of the bottom so they aren’t sitting in the water leaking all day, more manufacturers should go this route.  

Extra large front hatch is also a blessing, hate those little 8” diameter openings where you have to figure out how to stuff square stuff in a little round hole.

I have paddled enough kayak styles now to know what I want to buy.

  • 17’ – 18’ High Volume
  • Kevlar/Carbon construction
  • Proper adjustable seat with room behind for day storage
  • Rudder with Smart Rudder System with guide lines on top
  • No 3rd day hatch
  • No 4th deck hatch
  • Full Size front hatch
  • Recessed deck hatches
  • Deck mounted compass

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