Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 12

Heating up my Tim's in the morning


Getting ready to leave, like when we can just load up and push em over the edge

Coming out of Ashburnam Lock

Very nice converted fishing trawler doing the loop

Coming into Scott Mills Lock

The canoe chute, just roll it down and skip the lock, nope, paid to use and plan on it, nice rapids

Last lock until Rice Lake, Otonobee here we come

Can see how strong the current is, glad we are paddling with it not against

Under roadway

Gotta like the treehouse

No goats on goat island but found 2 mothers taking the babies for a canoe ride

Getting out lunch

Yep, Chef Boyardee baby

See I wash dishes, also cut my finger and had to tape it up

Nice fish

Julie off on a trek to find a washroom

Water Bike, want one

Random kayak shot, notice the trend of me catching up all day?

Taking a break

Rice Lake

Almost at the end of our longest day

Lisa and Bill meet us on the beach just as the wind picks up

Alex, glad we could help rescue and get him on the road again

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