Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 16

Thanks for the delivery service Joe, you are da man

This was her skinny dip spot the night before, I missed it

Just liked this tree

Must have been a sale on mini lighthouses, these were everywhere

Stopped for quicky lunch

Catch anything?

WTF, middle of nowhere

Leave those geese alone Julie

Back Channel "Shortcut"

Opposite bank view

Water just a little gungy

Pssst, big blue barrels are not meant to keep your house level

Come up to the cottage, let's go for a swim

No matter how hard I dared Julie, she was not going for a swim in the swamp

When do we get out of this swamp

Just up here I think

Just past the cows on the left

Hey wait, are they running over here?

Yep, and right into the water, time to leave, we survived six foot waves in Couchiching, not about to be stampeded on while paddling a kayak

Helping with the lock at Glen Ross

Does she look nervous? Julie didn't like going past the edge, especially since the lock master over yonder kept telling her that people fall off into the lock all the time

Our last camp spot

Ok, there is a funny story to this, we are locking with this boat all day, she has been bent down in the seat the whole time, we find out it's her birthday and so picture time, she bolts up and makes sure we get a full picture, I will let you decide who was working the camera

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