Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 4

Packing at Bolsover after skipping Lake Simcoe, thanks again Dan for the rescue. You can see some of the places you have to figure out how to get back into the water, especially with 4 foot high cement walls everywhere.

Heading out to Canal Lake, one of the rare pictures where I'm not looking at the GPS with a cigarette in my mouth, Julie likes to take those pictures.
Pulling into Kirkfield and calling it an early day

Up Please! Last lock that brings us up, all the rest are down and we paddle with the current

Our stop for the night
Very steep staircase, 53 steps to be exact and the same number as Big Chute, the things you do when you have lots of time huh. Our camp ground is half a click to the left down the warf.

What goes down must come up.. I can paddle for 12 hours but have to take 12 breaks to get to the top of the staircase and Julie laughing all the way, "let's go Jeff, almost there"

Time to clean up, had to go into this little alcove, open dam 20 feet on the other side with swirling current and not good for swimming

After leaving my tent pole at home, made one from a stick and duct tape
Julie doing her "duties" setup that tent girl.

Worst camp site ever, only place to get out was near the service area where they keep all the junk, even then had to pull kayaks up 3 foot cement wall. Can see the rain falling but not near us

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