Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 17

Entering our last lake of the trip

The Beast!

Was protecting his family

You stay there pretty swan

Duck was caught in the lock with us

Julie doesn't like bats, good thing we didn't stay here which was an option

Julie passes under the 401, was under construction last year too, even on the water the constructions crews just sit around, at least no traffic on the water

Our last lock master

Julie coming into Lock 1 (Trenton)

Julie leaving Lock 1, 3 more km to go and done!

Taking a picture of the lock sign

This one

Why damage property people, this is the first thing you see as entering Lock 1 from the bottom

Julie at the finish line

Just to prove I was here too, Bay of Quinte is just behind me

Where is our ride?

Noah taking a spin in my kayak while we pack, see people, life jacket, wear em!

Greg and Noah, our ride home, thanks again guys
Packed up and ready for the 401/400 indy truck races

We did it!

Cathing up on Blog

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