Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 14

Leaving Hastings (My least favorite camping lock)

Chip Truck on the water

Too early for lunch though and didn't want to wait for her to spark up the grill for some poutine

Brian, his wife Rose is on the other side of the breakwall, they are doing the Trent as well but in the opposite direction

I guess when your pontoon boat stops working you make a deck

Look, another loon

In the Healey Falls step lock

Healey Falls, only 15 more locks to go

When no boats in the lock we can just float around and do what we want

After the rain storm, hooking up my portable clothes line to dry out what we were wearing

Drinking and relaxing in my warm PJs, rolled up so they didn't get wet walking around

Our campground at the resevoir between the lock 16/17 and 15

Our camping neighbours, nice guys and great coversations

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