Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 10

Leaving Oak Bay after 2 day rest

First Lock of the Day, Buckhorn, holds the record for most boats in one lock

Julie already pulling away

Catching up eventualy

Crazy little houseboat, first saw them at Fenelon Falls

Don't stay here in a kayak, lots of racoons and even bears!

Sunfish swallowed the hook, no worries got it out and saved the day

Whizzed by us at Lovesick and broke down at Burleigh Falls, who's faster now big boy

Burleigh Falls Lock

Opps, where is Julie?

Ah, there she is, don't worry wasn't really going to leave her
Julie's favorite cottage, found at the entrance to a shortcut back channel
Swamp doesn't look too bad, hope we can get out the other side
Look, more ducks
And a rock
And Mr. Turtle
So far so good
All clear up here
Difficult to get close to the Blue Heron, they just fly off when they see you
Church Rectory (on an Island)
St. Peters on the Rock Church
Open door policy
Little Island for break before crossing Clear Lake, someone had setup a makeshift shelter among the rocks but didn't get a picture, had to run to save kayaks from boat waves and washing up on the rock, otherwise we would have had to use that shelter
Clear Lake scattered with Sailboats, this was my favorite
My favorite cottage at Youngs Point
The "nice" Osprey who crapped on our tent
Youngs Point lock, our home for the night
Camp Site, close to road but still very quiet
Rained for about 5 minutes then this was the view

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