Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures - Day 15

Waiting for the Bridge to open at Healey Falls, yeah we can go under but the lock people are having a fight with the power guys and they make the power guys drive down from the plant to open the bridge for everything, good to see politics is not the sole domain of corporate life

Waiting for the bridge

Cute little cottage


Got the picture just as he slid off the rock

Old houses along the canal

Nice canal with picnic areas on both sides

Retired people having a picnic

More retired people, offered us Doohers donuts

View from within the Ranney Falls step lock

View from inside the bottom lock


View down Ranney Gorge and the suspension bridge
Old house with a cannon in the window, then realized we were at the mouth of the damn spillway, opps, hope it doesn't turn on

Our landing spot

Suspension Bridge

View from the Tent

View down the canal from beside tent

Why thank you

Artist who designed the toonie is from Cambpellford

Couldn't read so took a picture, a novel, really?

Some old car, snuck into driveway to take picture, couldn't find anyone to ask permission

Another old car beside in the process of being restored

We have come a long way in design of the wheel

World's Finest Chocolate factory outlet

The old guy likes his chocolate almonds, 19 bucks for 15lbs

MMMMMMMMM where to start

With this one!

Nice church

Doohers Bakery, nothing left as they were closing up

View of our camp from the top of the lock

View down the canal from the top of the lock

View of Ranney Falls from suspension bridge, falls turned off

Camp site from across the canal

Come on Julie, it isn't that high
Camp is down on canal on the right just after the first set of trees

Nature walk to take picture of camp

Waiting for Julie who is walking slow knowing she has to cross the bridge again, won't jump up and down this time I promise

My favorite conventional lock in the Trent Waterway

Julie likes flowers

Lockmasters have time on their hands and appear to ge gardners too

Another flower, can you eat these, I'm getting hungry

And another....

When can you eat the seeds?

Fisherman who ruined our quiet secluded campground

Very peaceful

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