Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gear Review - Camp Gear

Therma-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad

The sleeping pad I brought last year was way too big, was nice as it had memory foam but very difficult to pack up everyday.  Therma-Rest is the standard and mine was as comfortable as anything, slept great.  Self inflating and rolled up easily.  I did however not use the packing sack designed for it, they expect you to roll it up like when you bought it and that just isn’t happening unless you want to mess with rolling it 10 times.  I opted to use a regular dry bag with more room, would roll it up and then use a strap with a clip to hold together and then just slide it into the dry bag.  So much easier.  Plus side is that we used the original stuff sack to store our paddle jackets, worked out nicely.  Would still like to try out the Neo-Air version.

Chinook Technical Outdoor Dreamer Pillow

Already had a Therma-Rest compression pillow and the thing is comfortable,  was shopping in Peterborough during our 2 day break and saw this one and looked cool, so bought it.   Self inflating like the sleeping pad and wasn’t bad, the only downside is that air expands when heated so you get it just right then off to sleep, half way through the night it expands and becomes uncomfortable.  Is more durable though and worked great for lounging in the grass or in Julie’s case, a knee pillow.  Was cheep so was worth a try, still prefer my original.

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