Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 17 - Julie

Today is our day of "lasts"......
Last time to take down tent...bath in canned food...pee on the rocks...wake up to the sound of birds and rippling the sun rise and set over the glisten of the lake...paddle through paradise.....sigh :(

Glen Ross - The Gateway to The Trent Severn...22.5 km

A little bit of wind today at our faces...makes for a hard last day. We have to pass through 7 locks today...the most in one day we have had to do.

We cross our last lake today which is quite nice...small and clean. "G" doesn't know the name of the lake but we decide to name it "Swan Lake".
Half way across we spot a small island with a family of swans(4 babies, mommy and daddy) swimming peacefully and last some wildlife other then geese and turtles! We slowly go in for a picture...quietly so as not to scare or threaten the swans!
Jeff is just getting his camera out when Papa swan spots us... spreads his wings...starts running on the water...squawking...beak wide open...and charges Jeff! Good thing his camera is hit the water as he grabbed his paddles and made a run for it! "Did you get a picture of that" he asks? Yeah right! I was too busy laughing and couldn't see through the tears...
All I can say is I'm glad all these animals are charging him and not me!!!

We got to the "finish line" at 2:15. Hard to believe that our journey has come to an end after 17 days!

Jeff's brother Greg and his nephew Noah pull up just as we are getting out of our kayaks...our Chariot home!
Thank you guys for wasting a day in long weekend traffic to come pick us up! it was really appreciated!

Noah took kayak for a spin while we packed the truck and had our final lake bath!

Next stop Tim's...Swiss Chalet...and home.

Greg gets us to Victoria Harbour in record time (much to Jeff's dismay)...he didn't know his truck could go that fast!
A glass of wine with Melanie (thank you) to Jeff's Mom's for a visit...she was so cute when she saw her "Baby" home safe and excited and grabbed her camera!

Bittersweet...can't wait for hot shower and my bed....but, I am really going to miss the little tent...the sound of crickets...and Jeff snoring!

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