Thursday, July 15, 2010

And off we go...

Sitting on the couch at my mothers drinking my morning coffee and watching (hoping) for the sun to make an appearance, I see it on the horizon and I'm coaxing it along,  forecast calling for hot and muggy then turning to thunderstorms later this evening. It's a little windy out which will make the first stretch across georgian bay interesting.   Oh, and waiting for Julie to get up so we can get this show on the road. 

Yesterday couldn't have been any better, got down to MEC around 1pm and they let us take the kayaks a couple hours early and knocked 140 bucks off the price,  that doesn't happen often.  Figured out how to strap the kayaks properly onto my truck and we were on the road by 2:30.

Kayaks were a little smaller (16.2) than I thought and was nervous about everything fitting in, only one way to find out...   Got up north at around 530, and the packing started.  After looking at the kayaks and gear for awhile all I can say is it's like a puzzle,  put this here, that there, nope,  that doesn't work, ok that here, this there. Got it.  Couple minor items are staying behind and the tough part was food, food for 2 for 5-6 days takes up a lot of room.   But we got it all packed. 
My brother showed up with our  boat in tow, "wanna go for a ride?" Otay.  Was such a nice evening out, rode into penetang to stop at my uncles for a drink, which led to more than one and a campfire once the mosquitos started to come around.  Was a gorgeous night for a cruise across Georgian Bay and one of those nights with a warm breeze and lots of stars.  Got back to my mothers place around midnight. 

Today should be interesting, calling for thunderstorms this afternoon or evening and  hope we get camp setup before nasty weather sets in.

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