Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 15 - Julie

Healey Falls-Ranney Falls (Campbellford)...10.2 kms.

Short day so we decide last night that we will sleep in and take it easy. 7:30am we are both up and moving. So much for sleeping in?!

Oatmeal, fruit cups,coffee...and 2 tylenol are part of our breakfast these days. Seems that a few days ago our bodies are starting to feel the effects of over- use. My shoulder hurts...Jeff's wrist hurts....muscles take a little longer to wake up once we get going. Tylenol rocks!

We barely start paddling and we are done! Didn't I just pack this tent up? Nice early day...spent almost as much time in locks as we did moving...nice short day!

By far this is our nicest camp site of the whole trip. We are at the bottom of the lock (70 steps high)...tent is on a point over-looking water surrounded by cliffs and trees...with a view of a suspension bridge...and we are the only ones here...finally!

Tim Hortons is 1.92km away from us...need I say we go!
Jeff's lucky day...Canadian Tire is right beside Tim' we go...for what he's not sure...just walks up and down all the aisles...just in case he sees something he needs?
Well, we got batteries, camp toilet paper and an air freshner for our tent. Starting to smell pretty musty in there.
It now smells like fresh linen....ahhhhh!

On Charlene's recommendation we head to Dooher's bakery...apparently the best donuts around. We got there half an hour before they closed and they were cleaned out! Must be good!

We stumbled upon "The World's Finest" chocolate factory store. Turns out they are having an 11 year anniversary sale...started today...15 pounds of chocolate for $19. should have seen the bags of chocolate people (mostly older) were walking out with!
I try to talk Jeff into dumping some of our gear that we don't really need so we can make room for 30pds of candy...he doesn't go for it...sales on until Aug 08...might be worth a trip back.
Jade are you in ;)

We grab a sub, some beer and coolers and head back to camp to enjoy our nice private little piece of heaven.

So, if you were going fishing (alone) and you walked down 70 steps and found a guy and girl having drinks and dinner on a small secluded point would you start fishing beside them???? No right?!
"Party Crasher" is here! Are you kidding me buddy?! Arghhhh!

9pm...Mosquito hour! Into tent (which smells like fresh linen) of cribbage...starts to rain! Jeff gets the munchies and eats his fav chocolate bar from factory...gummy bears and 3 bags of Crispers...I have to remind him Air Freshner is not edible...I'm afraid!

Another perfect ending to a perfect day on the Trent!
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