Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 13 - Julie

Harwood to Hastings...26 km.

Ok so lost my $200 Oakley's today (put on hat and took hat off to get wet then watched them sink)...yes I have a sunglass strap and yes Jeff told me yesterday I should wear it! There I said it....he told me so! Let's move on now shall we...........

9:45am we are sent off by Lisa...want to get Rice Lake over with before afternoon winds kick in....success! Uneventful crossing...long and hot today! Stopped at half way point at a Marina...fueled up (jeff a cheeseburger and me peanut butter on a bagel)...not there 15 mins and Jeff is approached by 2 boys approx. 12-13...they have been there for hours waiting for their Dad...Jeff springs to action and gets his cell so they can find out if they've been abandoned or not?
Clearly no-one else there cared to help the little kids!

Just as we pull back on to Rice Lake, Jeff spots a kid about 13 in a kayak (with no life jacket) trying to learn while his family is on shore watching!
He scoots over to the kid...gives him a few quick tips then off we go! Life jackets people!!!!!!!!

Hastings by 3:30...then set up in the heat....feeling pretty drained after 4 long days in the sun!
Jeff volunteers to go get beer while I set up camp....hmmmmm...is this fair? I'm thirsty so I agree.
2 old Portuguese men (think they were from Keswick) were fishing near us. Kind of sketchy so we didn't want to leave our things unattended.
One old guy drops his fish bucket in the water...finally my chance for a good deed! I dive in scoop up the bucket and make old guy happy.

Laundry...dinner (jeff made his specialty...pasta and canned green beans), coffee...blog!
If Jeff can stay awake might have to finish beating him at cribbage?

Fyi...just as much fun for us to read comments that people post...keep them coming!

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  1. just found out how to post a comment.don't know where to make capital letters so all will be small. i look forward to your blogs and think you should write a book around them they are interesting and really quite funny.the kids are doing fine.tristan called darren last night and left a message about next week.jade has been hanging with samantha and melissa all week and had supper with sam last night so tristaqn and i took the rowboat out and fished for a long time i caught a lot maybe 20 sunfish 1 perch and a nice small mouth which we did'nt keep. tristan caught a few but he had hook fit for shamu so chris is going to take him out to where the big ones are ttoday he is going to town with chris today and then to a driving range .he is looking forward to that.it is raining here this morning so its a good day to go to town. look forward to tomorrows blog love to you both mom.

  2. Hi Julie and Jeff I am glad to read you are alive and well. Thank you for the great stories:) I miss you at Cross Fit:( I am now on holidays for two weeks!! I am off to Sudbury for the long weekend. If I don't see you before I get back, have a great race in Barrie. Make sure you just have fun. I am always bragging to people about all your accomplishments. You always inspire me with your spirit. I will call you when I get back. Stay safe.