Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 5 - Jeff

We couldn't have asked for a better day on the water, paddle conditions as well as weather and after a 25km paddle we are now in Fenelon Falls for an end to what might be the best day of the trip so far.

Find it funny how you sit down to write what happened during the day and don't think there was much until you think about it then, hmmm I guess some stuff did happen. Here's the low down for today....

Woke up around 5:30 to the sound of a storm, pretty much rained all nigh while we were sound asleep, went back to sleep and by the time we got up around 7:30 it had cleared. Julie decided to take a walk down to the restaurant and get coffee and breakfast while I blogged, I mean broke camp, I think she just wanted to get out of doing dishes.

I timed it just right and moved some stuff around to look like I worked hard when she came back, don't think it worked though, easy to tell I spent the time doing squat, we efficiently as ever packed up camp and set off around 10. We just can't seem to get on the water before 10 but then again we really don't care to.

Easy morning paddle down a lazy river/canal to Balsalm Lake, as we approach end of the channel a boat drives by and the guy driving says "You crossing?", "yes", "good luck, it's bad out there with the wind". Ok, now Julie all nervous with flashbacks of Saturday.

We take a break before crossing and as we leave we are on this rock shelf getting into kayaks and 40 foot boat drives in throwing massive waves, seeing as the canal is literally 50 feet wide it really causes a mess as the waves cross from shore to shore, almost knocks Julie over, again people just don't get it or care.

Decided to go north around Grand Island instead of following the Trent to the south, my reasoning was that we would be cross wind for the first half then down wind for the last, a little farther distance wise but much easier then paddling up wind.

Balsalm was a non-event, calm the entire way across and the wind did help with speed. We are also now going with the current flow so making great time. I didn't however notice a duck 5k from shore in the middle who apparently thought I was going to go around him, would have if I had seen him but didn't until he took off in front of me, let's just say I was startled and leave it at that.

Stopped at the marina for a break and some ice cream, also picked up some new shorts (50% off) not sure exactly where to pack em though and prob should have thought about it before making the purchase. On the way out did my good deed of the day and took a picture for a family, had I known the mother wanted to yak for 20 minutes I would have skipped, hey lady, we have 6k till we stop for the day, move on, don't need to know about your son at home with broken foot, you are standing in the way of my first Tim Hortons in almost a week.

Crossed Cameron lake in no time, started to get windier the last km but waves still small, still weird when they come from behind and don't think Julie likes the feeling. Still, wind at our back the whole day and we pulled in just after 4. The incredible part was weather cleared in front of us the entire day, it was like the black clouds moved on just as we got there, take the good luck when you can.

There is a canoe dock (platform close to water) which was taken up by a 40 foot cruiser, I asked if he was staying the night because where he was parked was the only place to take kayaks out, he said yep, here for the night. Boaters jesh. We ended up finding some flat rocks which in the end turned out to be better anyway.

Setup camp right at the edge overlooking lake cleaned up and went off to do laundry, ah clean clothes, lock made us pay again, that's 2 for 5 so far, all good, it's cheap at 4.90 / person.

While waiting for laundry went and got my timmies (said like on south park, for those who watch the show)

Went to Lake House restaurant, had pork chops and Julie had tofu, if she really wanted bland, go back to kayak and dig out one of the bags girl. Rye and coke(s) went down smooth and they have the best calimari EVER, the after dinner candy is great too, Julie stole 2 handfuls.

There was a guy there with the funniest toupee, got a picture.

We talked staff into switching from boxing to Bachelorette and didn't have sound so we made up dialog as we watched from bar. Yeah, I watch Bachelorette, go Chris go, not a fan of Ally though. Finished dinner and went back to tims. Now in tent and about to call it a night.

Fyi, we will post pictures in a couple of days, hard to get off camera onto blog via blackberry.


  1. do you know how I know you're gay? You watch the Bachelorette. Just sayin'.

  2. Not that there is anything wrong with that