Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 2 - Julie

Finally named my Kayak...The Bucket! I seem to always be sitting in water so it seemed appropriate.

Discovered the real reason Jeff invited me on this do dishes and eat all the Peanut Butter! Apparently that's my duty?!

Found the most random piece of shore to eat lunch on today. 2 lawn chairs, A table, clothes line, garbage can, and some big pieces of foam that looked like someone actually slept on. It was bizarre! We had garbage to get rid of but we were both afraid to open garbage can in case there was a dead body inside so we placed the garbage beside it! Was half expecting Saskwatch to jump out of the bushes!

Paddled across my first lake today...Sparrow. 3 kms very windy and big waves...I hate Sparrow Lake! Was happy to see the other side of that! If you drive a boat and you pass someone in a kayak slow the (bleep)down!!! Hard enough to contend with waves from wind!

Camped at lock #3 in Washego. 20km butt still hurts. If I plan another kayak trip like this will add sitting in one spot for long periods of time with my legs extended to my training schedule!

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