Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 16 - Julie

Ranney Falls-Glen Ross...26km

So I guess its obvious that Jeff is an addict...8am this morning, lock master Joe drives down to our camp site (cause he's not walking the 70 steps down) with 2 Timmies in hand! Hero of the day! Jeff is a happy camper!

10 am departure...

We haven't been eating much during the day so we decided to stop for lunch today. I can't believe I'm about to admit this...but, I ate a Mr Noodles today! Arghhhhh...I want a salad!

Mr "Gadget Man" finds a short cut on his GPS through a swamp...turns out to be the ugliest part of our trip...swamp land with old run down cottages and trailers lining the shoreline! Also ends up adding an extra 1.5 km onto an already very long day. if it wasn't for the Cows charging at us from shore and the fish that knocked into the side of Jeff's kayak almost sending him into the would have been a boring route...however.....:)

We finally made it to Glenn Ross....the water here is disgusting! Green gunge floating on surface....bath time is not looking good!
The lock master has let his employee go home early and there is 1 more boat coming through the locks...its a manual one. Good deed of the day...we get to help open and close the lock.

I spot a garden hose steps from our camp and when we are alone. We hook it up and take a cold shower...but clean water!!! Ahhhhh!

There are beautiful gardens at most lock masters something to do when they are slow I guess. Jeff has discovered that some even have vegetables growing in them. He realized after dinner that they had tomatoes and green peppers here...upon showing these to me he knocked a pepper off the vine! Oh shit....pull out the duct tape!

We are both very tired at this stage of the game! I am finding that once Mosquito hour hits and we go to tent to wait for the critters to disappear we fall asleep...or should I say pass out!!!
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