Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 3 - Julie

Today was the day where if I was going to quit this would have been the day to do it! Started out as a perfect day...swim in the locks, gourmet and cinnamon oatmeal...and of course peanut butter ;).
Short paddle through a channel then we hit the "Monster"....Lake Couchiching! Made Sparrow Lake look like a bathtub! 35 mile hour winds and minimum 6 foot waves! Very scarey! We found a camp with hundreds of kids where they let us stop for a rest and wait for wind to die...didn't happen so we continued on after an hour.
Thank God Jeff is so patient and calm...encouraged me to keep going and stayed by my side. Apparently this is fun for him...crashing through waves and being tossed around like a ragdoll. We have very different versions of fun!

Ojibawa Bay Marina...sounds like a good safe spot to the end of our crossing and to rough to try and look for a place to camp! After finally making it to shore being whipped around by waves entering the Marina and obviously struggling in the horrible conditions we ask owners if we could pitch a tent out of the way just for the night. Apparently their "no tent" policy can't be broken even if your life is in danger! "Too bad, you'll have to go find somewhere else to stay"! Are you kidding me?!
Thank God for Jeff's friend Dan!!!! He was a "godsend". Drove all the way to Orillia and took us to Bolsover. There was no way in hell I was crossing Lake Simcoe. Forecast was calling for even bigger waves and winds and potential Thunderstorms! Pretty sure I'm not getting an award at the end of this so wasn't thinking twice
About getting into that car and taken to a safer spot in the Trent
Arrived at lock (by car) around 8pm...closed for the night which means the trees are the bathroom for the night. But at least we have a place to sleep and don't have to meet Lake Simcoe in the morning!

Dinner...hmmmmm...what can we eat out of a can tonight????? Mushroom body is going into shock. I need a salad!
Did manage to pick up some beer on the drive here :). All is good at camp kayak tonight!

Tomorrow can only get better...

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