Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 4 - Julie

What a difference a day makes!
Woke up to a beautiful, relatively calm morning. It was around 730 when we rolled out of the tent. We decided to have a relaxing morning seeing as we had such a hard day yesterday! Much deserved that's for sure!
By the time we packed Coffin and Bucket it was 11:23. It is without fail that every morning at least 3 people will walk by us and question how we fit all our stuff in those kayaks?! It is amazing how much they hold...good thing too cause Jeff brought 75 cans of food!!!

Today we crossed Canal Lake with ease. Even stopped in the middle of the lake put up our feet and had a beer.
I think Jeff wants to see me fall in. He tried to convince me that I could probably lie on the front of my kayak if I just snaked along the top to the front. He was serious to! And we were in the middle of the lake. After you my Boy!

We paddled about 15km today. We didn't have to take one butt break either...I'm getting used to sitting on my ass for long periods of time...oh God I'm becoming an office worker!!!

We got to the Kirkfield Lock around 230 and set up camp for the night. Very secluded almost creepy spot. Had a very much needed bath in the lake and cracked open a beer and relaxed the rest of the day.
We found a restaurant less then 1km from our camp and decided to have some real food for dinner.
Well.....I had a greek salad with half a bottle of dressing on it and Jeff had chicken parmasagne with tomato sauce and kraft cheese sprinkled on top...oh well they tried and it was better then a tin of soup!

The night was still young when we got back "home" so we got crazy and pulled out the deck of cards and had a Crazy 8's tournament and ate Good & Plenty licorice. Jeff is a cheater! That's all I have to say about that!

We have been so lucky with the weather. We actually sat on the picnic table and watched it rain all around us. You could see the line of rain surrounding us! It did eventually start to rain though but we were ready for it!
Now sitting in the tent eating chips listening to rain fall and waiting for the bears to show up! That's ok though...jeff's on the door side.

Off to Fenelon Falls tomorrow which means another restaurant, Tim's and laundry! Oh, and 2 days away from Buckhorn and seeing Tristan and Jade (my kids)!

Still moving forward and enjoying every minute of it...well, except Lake Couchiching!

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  1. Good thing is your are reaching Fenelon Falls. There is a Timy, supermarket and very good restaurant/bar on the south side of the bridge. The restaurant/bar has a very good falls view. I think this is the most beatiful falls on your trip. Since the trip is more enjoyable, please spend time to send some pictures.

    Happy the day in Fenelon Falls.


  2. Hi Julie Love reading about your adventure. I am so glad you are enjoying trip. I could so see myself trying a trip like that, but I also can so NOT see Paul:) Have fun:)

    Sue Q