Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 12 - Julie

Peterborough to Harwood....approx 40km.

Who knew a day so long, boring (scenery) and uneventful could turn out to be so much fun!
I was really looking forward to the long trip down the Otonabee River. Nice relaxing and peaceful. Well, about an hour in I was ready to poke my eyes out...give me a wave...a boat...a ripple in the water...anything?....please! Omg...we had 7 hrs of nothing! Water was dirty and not very inviting...didn't even want to pee in it!
Jeff spotted a piece of driftwood in middle of the channel and (good-deed-doer) towed it to shore to save boats from hitting it...what a guy.
As usual ignorant boaters (the few that we saw) speed by us and create huge wakes. Jeff has decided to rebel and not wave at these guys anymore...no more Mr Nice Guy here! That's my boy!

He spots another piece of driftwood in the middle of the channel...this time he paddles by and makes sure its centered...damn boaters!

We crossed Rice Lake in record time...wind at our backs and waves not too tough. Lisa and Bill (sister and her boyfriend) are waiting on shore to greet us. We have a bed to sleep in tonight! Thank you so much guys for everything...was very much appreciated!!! Bill the fish was amazing!!!!!

Memories of Harwood:

Cowboy Bill and his side-kick Les.

Ignorant variety store owner who doesn't like children! Jeff pays for little boys candy :)

Another UFO sighting!

Artisan water springs

Desert....so good back for 2nds!

Rescuing stranded kayaker who got caught in wind and waves and couldn't make it back to his car!

Laughed so hard I cried.......

Definitely one of our more memorable evenings!
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