Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 7 - Jeff

Ah, reached Buckhorn in record time, I guess having a destination where you get to take a couple days off really motivates you. Did almost 3Okm, longest day yet and almost non stop, left at 9 and got to Buckhorn just after 2. Tired but a well deserved break in order.

Woke up at 7 to the sound of ducks/geese this morning and not in a calm nature sort of way, starting to really hate these little things for waking me up early.

Decided to get an early start on the day and made Julie a deal, she walk the 1/2km to tims and get coffee and I would have camp setup for when she got back, we both thought it was a fair deal but in the end I got the short end of the straw.

Had everything pretty much packed when she got back with my extra large triple/triple and bagel, was around 8 by this point and the clothing store she missed the previous night was now open, hmmmm. Did my good deed for the day, sent her shopping while I packed the kayaks, Julie got off easy today.

Left the locks around 9 and in the lock there was a little rain but less than Julie happens to get into the "Bucket" on her own on a sunny calm day so no biggie.

They have called for rain and thunderstorms every day of this trip and we have yet to have rain, the clouds continue to move away when we get there, did see some lightning in the distance but never came anywhere near us, stayed close to shore to be safe.

Crossed Pigeon Lake with ease as there was no wind nor waves, tried to get Julie to stop a the haunted house on Pigeon Lake but she chickened out. After the first 10k stopped for a break at a marina, happened to be some christian resort, I was waiting for those lightning bolts to come strike me down but thought maybe would be safer standing closer to Julie, she was the one walking around in a bikini with all the bible thumpers. We did see our first speedo sighting of the trip and it wasn't pretty. Skipped confession and got back on the water after rootbeer (Julie) Kawartha dairy ice cream (Jeff).

Thought we might take a shortcut through a swamp but in the end decided we didn't want to have to circle back around, long day as it was.

Crossed Buckhorn lake pretty quick and hit a little wind with about 4k left to go, we were really tired at this point and the wind was exhausting, especially after only taking a 20 minute break all day. For me was one of those days where I was looking for any excuse to stop paddling for a minute, just couldn't get comfortable, took a couple tylenol and all was good again.

Pulled into Oak Bay Resort and Julie's kids (Tristan+Jade) showed up on the beach with drinks in hand, rye, yum. Sat on deck for a bit and wham, black angus burger and I hear steak for dinner, currently eating microwave popcorn and wondering why a woman who owns a Kernels popcorn store has microwave, hmmm, where is my caramel popcorn Julie, huh? huh?

Will be taking a couple days off and will resume paddling on Saturday, tomorrow will practice kayak rolls and rescues and do a little water skiing and some definite drinking.

Have already had a couple rye now and plan on bottle more before this night is over.

Will post pictures over the next couple of days.


  1. The trip seems much easier and more enjoyable with company. Looking forward to pictures from JJ. :)
    - Zhe

  2. It definitely is much more enjoyable, thanks Zhe