Friday, July 9, 2010

The Menu

I didn’t include a list of the food I brought last year and figured I would post it this year for those interested.   I re-supply along the way as needed, works well for the Trent Waterway as there are lots of places to shop and eat when you get tired of eating out of boxes and bags.


Primary drink is water, and drink lots of it, I carry two 1000ml bottles, one on deck one behind seat, usually enough for a few hours of paddling, I either use my water filter in a pinch or top at the locks or stores along the way.  I also pick up Gatorade where available.

I also carry 8 1000ml juice packs, tetra packs, you can pick up at any grocery store and they are durable and once you drink the juice you can fill with more water if needed.  usually store one in the cockpit and the others in the hatch.

For times when I get bored of water I carry 20 Koolaid single packs in various flavor just to add some taste to the water, rarely used them last year but nice to have.

Pre-mixed coffee for when I get to camp or in the morning, also have instant hot chocolate packs for a change.  I keep my eye out for Tim Hortons for the real stuff when I can get it.

6-12 cans of beer under the deck, don’t drink during the day but enjoy one once camp is setup.  Debating bringing Whiskey this year but carrying coke is a pain.  I use the Georgian Bay cooler system, put beer in a bag and put in water to cool.  They generally stay cool under the deck anyway.


Generally snack all day to keep energy up and then always nice to have something to munch on at camp.  Carry a cooler bag which sits in the cockpit in front of the foot pegs and then I have a Tupperware container I add stuff to for the day’s paddle so it’s handy. 

  • 30 - trailmix/yogourt bars
  • 3 bags of bits-n-bites
  • 3 bags of crackers - crispers
  • 2 bags of dried banana chips
  • 1 bag of dried pineapple chunks
  • 1 box of vegetable thin crackers
  • 2 bags of trail mix, nuts and fruit (large)
  • 2 bags of nibs licorice
  • 1 bag werthers candy

I then take everything out of the packaging and divide up into zip-lock bags to reduce space for packing.  I prefer the medium Smart Zip ones as they are durable, easy to open and close and puff out at the bottom.


Never been a big breakfast person but need energy to start the day, typically consists of hot oatmeal (cinnamon apple my favorite) and have added some pre-packaged meals (just add hot water) for a little change, scrambled eggs etc.. 


Usually snack all day while paddling but have a number of soups, stews etc for when we get the urge to have something with a little more substance.   Won’t bore with specific list, generic canned stuff.


Various pastas with sauce, rice/chicken and other canned items like vegetables, beans etc., for dessert, canned fruit.  Lots of restaurants along the way so will eat out a few times when really want a good meal (and rye and coke)

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