Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 8 - Jeff

Finally got to sleep in, woke up at 9 and was soooo happy there were no birds squawking this morning. Took a run to get coffee (not tims - sigh) and sat on the beach with egg on a bagel and just relaxed. Damn, so good to have a hot shower and sleep in a bed for the first time in a week. The 16oz steak last night didn't hurt either, thanks Tristan you little bbq chef.

Sitting on the beach relaxing and the kayaks off to the side, you would think the last thing I want to do is get back in the "Coffin" but this trip has been so relaxing compared to last year and not tired nor any sore bones or limbs, figured go for a little ride to keep the sea legs intact. Did about 1k down to the locks and back and it is a gorgeous day out.

After having done over 600km in a kayak over the last two years including some storms and very big waves, figured it was time to actually see if I could get back in the kayak from the water, up to this point have only watched youtube videos.

Started by practicing just getting in from the water, got it on my first attempt, tried a few different ways, from the sides and from the back, easier from the side. Then practiced being able to flip kayak back over from the water, a little tricky and the kayak was empty but definitely can do it. After that, got in and flipped it over, wanted to get used to the feeling of being upside down and getting out, no skirt on for the first few tries. Then strapped in, took a deep breath and flipped the "Coffin" again, a little anxious being physically strapped in and upside down in the water, Julie spotted me for this one just in case, was able to remove skirt and climb out with ease. At least now I know the feeling and won't panic if it happens for real. Julie's turn this afternoon and then we can get out of kayak for a swim whenever we want. New paddle vest floats. Whew!

Enjoying a rye on the beach and this afternoon will be trying eskimo rolls, the ability to flip completely 360 to come back up to sitting, if I can get that one I will be very happy. Easier to flip back up instead of get out climb in and then bail water, will let you know how it goes, or doesn't.

Fixed Julie's boat (blown fuse) so we could take kids tubing, decided to go for a ski myself, been a few years but still remember how, a few good cuts and my arms were dead, all that kayaking I guess. one loop around the bay is good enough. I'm officially getting old, was too rough for going barefoot, next time.

Had nice dinner on deck overlooking lake with Julie's family, very nice and food was delicious. End night with a campfire and mega marshmellows. Love mine burnt please.

Never did try the eskimo roll, figured not good to try drunk

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