Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 1 - Jeff

25km - swift rapids as expected, 8 hours on the water and about 6 of those paddling

Couldn't have asked for a better first day. Once Julie decided to get up we were on the road by around 9. Was very windy out and didn't want to mess around crossing Georgian Bay so decided to start from Port Severn Lock (last in the Trent) and shorten the day a bit. Stopped for breakfast at the local greasy spoon and then went to the lock to pack up, went smooth, everything fit better then the test pack the night before and by 10:30 we were pushing off in sunshine.

Didn't get more than 3k before stopping for a beer, having grown up on the lake know lots of people so stopped at a friend Dennis who happened to be up just for the day. Socialized for a bit, quick swim and off again.

There was a nice breeze behind us for almost the entire day and clear skies. Wind stopped a few times and man did it get hot. Few adjustments were required to the foot pegs in Julie's kayak, she has yet to name it and will probably go with something girly, me, I'm sticking with 'Coffin II'.

Took a break at Big Chute Marine Railway and walked along the falls, they really have the flood gates open, record water levels and might actually be a problem, more on that in a minute.

Julie brought a waterproof iPod speaker system which is strapped to her kayak, she turned the thing on and was a real issue for two reasons, a) Michael Jackson sucks b) gave her some sort of an energy boost and spent the rest of the day playing catch up.

Current from Big Chute to Swift Rapids was insane, there were times it was all you could do to move forward, barely made last lock at Swift Rapids and made a mad dash to setup tent as the rain was on the horizon, Julie unpacked kayaks while I setup tent. She got the short end of that deal.

Things were going well until I realized I forgot one of the tent poles opps, MacGyver'd it and crossed fingers, Julie found an almost perfect stick.

Made dinner and just as we were finishing dinner the storm him, waited it out in the tent and it's gorgeous out again.

Lockmaster said they were considering shutting down waterway as the current is so strong farther up channel, happens to be our direction and should make for an interesting day tomorrow.

That's about it, gonna relax and get some rest for tomorrow.

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