Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 1 - Julie

Hard to believe that after almost a year of planning this crazy adventure, day one is now over!
We left land at 10:30am....left from port severn...less then half an hour into our journey, Jeff decides he needs a beer! So, we stop at his friends so he can indulge and then we are off again!

Weather was awesome...wind at our back most of the hot hot!

Kayaking is easy...didn't tip my boat and managed to keep up to Jeff for the most part! Hard part about kayaking is getting comfortable!!! I have 4 blisters on my hands and my ass is killing me! Hopefully day 2 will be more comfy! Best purchase I made for this trip is a $30 seat cushion...for people with no meat on their ass like Jeff and I, it is a must!

We finished our day in Swift Rapids at 6:30pm...we got lucky as we had just enough time to set up camp and eat dinner before the Thunder and lightning came!
Didn't last long though...we were very lucky today!

So, I survived day 1 and still want to keep going...we shall see what tomorrow brings!
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  1. Wow, what an adventure. I read all your entries and enjoyed reading them:) Stay safe and enjoy your trip!
    Sue Q