Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 16 - Jeff

Been very cold out in the morning last couple of days, half expect frost, brrrr. Sleeping bags will hold up to zero degrees so all good. Joe, the best lock master in the trent showed up with Tim Hortons. Very nice, might have dropped a few hints the night before.

Julie packed up camp by herself today while I blogged to catch up and drank my Tims, nice to do nothing for a change.

Stopped at Percy Reach for lunch before crossing our 2nd last lake, nice spot overlooking the lake and would have been a great place to camp, we relaxed and stretched our legs good.

GPS or better known as "G" showed a little detour through a back channel which would keep us out of the wind for most of the way, it did but damn, ugliest stretch of the trent we have done, we were begging to be back on the Otonobee, ended up adding an extra km to the day though and we did just over 26km.

Downside was the swamp was hot with no wind to be had, sucked because it was so dirty you couldn't go for swim or splash water on your face. We did get chased by cows though, yeah I said it, COWS. They saw us and ran down to the water from across the field and right into the water, Julie was scared but I lightened the mood by coming as close as I ever have to flipping out of the kayak, big fish jumped and hit my kayak, startled me and almost went swimming, she laughed hard at that one. Nice!

Stayed at Glen Ross lock, unfortunately there was duck weed floating all over so made taking a swim to clean up out of the question, ended up showering under a garden hose, man that water was cold, worked like water and soap should.

We even got to lock a boat through, lock master sent his staff home and a last minute boat came through, Julie and I kicked in opened and closed the lock doors, cool.

I think it was a nice night out, I missed it, went in at 9 to get out of mosquito time and fell asleep, opps, sorry Julie, cribbage final will have to be later.

Dear Glen Miller lock staff, Julie sends her apologies for ruining your vegetable garden, she actually asked me to duct tape the green pepper back to the stem but I refused. Note to self, lock staff have lots of down time and all have gardens, good for fresh veggies but wait until the staff leave before raiding.

This is our last camp night, tomorrow we scale the summit so to speak.

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