Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 15 - Jeff

Wish I had more to write about paddling but today was our shortest day yet, a whopping 10.2km and Cambelford as expected. Weather perfect again today and 10k is a really short day, you feel as though you just got everything packed and then going through it all again.

I'm ok with it though, Julie has all but forbid me from setting up/tearing down our sleeping quarters lately, not complaining, we have a very good system going (Jeffy sips Coffee as he types this and watches Julie roll thermarest pads and swearing because she can't get it into the bag until she rolls at least three times)

Quite a few locks today which means a lot of time just sitting in kayak waiting to go through so we didn't get to Cambelford until 12:30ish. We did lock through them all with the same crowd, we have been camping alongside the same few yatchs the last 3 nights and you get to know people, still waiting for the cold beverage offer though.

Tough when you are in a kayak watching people doing bbq off back, drinking wine from a glass not warm water from a jug, did I mention they have three staterooms with separate washrooms, satellite tv and air conditioning? Just drop a cold one over the side already.

They were nice enough to go slow so we could keep up and lock together and not wait for the next one, It's also cool to get to a lock and know people and they are waving from shore "made good time today" people are generally excited to hear about our voyage.

Cambelford is a nice town to paddle through as the canal goes right through town and it's like a boardwalk with shops and stores along the way, some really old buildings, which are always cool to look at.

We are camped at my favorite spot, just at the bottom of the lock with perfect views down the river and up to Healey Falls, not another soul in sight, which means Julie decided to go skinny dipping, too bad I was setting up camp and missed the show.

Did the 2km walk into town to get Julie a Tims coffee and then quick trek through Canadian Tire. Julie laughed that I picked up an air freshner but after rolling up wet tent everyday, starting to get a little musty, thought I'd spruce the place up a bit.

As we were in the lock going down some nice seniors offered us a Doohers donut, apparently they are to die for, no thanks, we are going there to get some, hmm should have taken, Doohers was just closing and had nothing out, damn. On a related note, lots of seniors around eating at picnic tables, we notice that the ratio of men to women is about 8-1, women live longer but the guys who makes it to that age get their pick, too bad they are in wheelchairs.

We do find a chocolate factory outlet with some kind of sale going, no Julie we aren't fitting 30lbs of chocolate into the kayaks, don't care that it's 20 bucks / 15 lbs.

We hit Lcbo and get beer and coolers, all of which are gone now, so much for a drink tomorrow I guess. Get food and eat at our camp. After dinner we take a walk over the suspension bridge, Julie is terrified of heights and of course I wouldn't jump up and down for fun, that would be mean. Walked the coolest nature trail down the gorge but stopped after we saw our camp across the way, I think we walked as much as we paddled today.

Settled in for quiet night, drinks, cards and music when some creepy dude crashed the party, oh well, so much for our first night of nobody around, was mosquito time anyway which btw is 9:15 - 9:45, don't be caught outside during that period, take that party crasher, you aren't coming into our tent.

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