Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 4 - Jeff

I'd say an all around great day, woke up around the usual 8am, lazed around, had breakfast and took our time getting thing organized. We have it down to an art form now, Julie usualy starts packing up the stuff in the tent while I start breakfast and moving around other things that need to be packed, Julie has now done everything at least once, kinda nice cause it means we can switch around camp setup/tear down duties as needed.

She still gets dish duties though and tomorrow after she packs I will hand her the broom and dustpan (yes I have one) and get her onto cleaning our little home for another 13 days.

Chatted with some guy from Vancouver who was on his bike, talked about trip and ocean kayaking and stuff, was a nice guy, didn't have the heart to tell Julie he was checkin her out the whole time, eyes up bud, it's just a bikini. Lol.

It is so much easier to get in and out with two people, Bolsover has no canoe docks so you have to put in down a slope with rocks etc, last year was a pain but the extra hands make it a breeze.

Left around 11:30 and lazy paddle down the Talbot with the wind at our back, nice change from Couchiching. Passed a golf course with a dog on shore barking at some geese to stay off, golf ranger on shore with slingshot doing the same.

Crossed Canal Lake and then took a rest, floating on the lake but with feet on deck, Julie opens up a beer, I tell her it's only a problem if you can't admit it, pass it over. Boats drive by like we aren't there and send waves crashing, they just don't get it or don't care, when I say drive by, within feet of the kayak and 38 foot cruisers on half plane.

Passed a little campsite with a few trailers on the property in addition to a herd of cows, was just funny, I was humming the deliverance banjo song out loud. On the way off Canal Lake ran into some fishermen on the shore in dire straights, had to do my part and help them out, with a mighty heave of my paddle I set off to rescue that little bobber and return it to his owner unscathed. I do what I can. I tried to warn a bunch of swimmers that swimming in the out flow of a damn has serious current and undertow but they didn't speak english, at least the kids had life jackets on

Black clouds were in the area and forecast calling for rain and thunderstorms, we decide that Kirkfield will be our destination for the night, Fenelon Falls can wait till tomorrow. A short 15km day and all is good with an added bonus being time to enjoy an afternoon.

Kirkfeild is one of the worst places to camp by kayak, high walls and the only spot you can really get out is over half click away at lock station grounds, still a nice spot, just a pain in the butt. Put bumbers on, tied ropes to the ends and lifted up over wall about 3 feet. Setup camp and even put up clothes line for first time to dry some wet clothes.

Had good swim to clean up then took a walk down to the lock station with some crazy ass staircase that felt like you were about to go on a ride at wonderland, conveniently found a little greasy spoon diner complete with every Nascar poster or trinket you can imagine, dinner, yum, no cooking tonight and no dishes for Julie. Dinner was ok but if you are going to eat at greasy spoon, stick with burger and fries, the rye and coke was delish though.

Went back to camp and had a serious game of crazy 8's where not only did I win, I was accused of cheating to do it, pffft. Rain started in at about 8 so we relocated to the dry tent. Rained pretty much the rest of the night, was a little break and Julie had the munchies, I had to be a man and venture out to kayak to find em, always the last hatch, mosquitos were crazy.

Woke up to nice day and a great forecast, Julie is on bathroom, food and coffee run while I pack up camp, you can see I'm busy doing that, not, coffee and blogging, ok better do my chores.


  1. You are rock! The worst time had been passed. Enjoy the rest.


  2. Thanks George, your emails have been an inspiration, still hoping to meet up with you, Wei and Sabrina at the finish line ;)