Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 14 - Julie

Always wanted to try is the day!

I was nominated again to go on the coffee run...I like this because all the packing is done when I get back to camp. I like to walk-run...Jeff doesn' out perfect!

Hastings to Healey Falls...22km

As soon as our butts hit the water...rain! Hurry to put jackets on (first time in 14 days) and it stops! Take off...starts again! Rained for a combined total time of about 3 mins...horseshoes up our asses!

The wind was at our backs most of the day at about 20 miles/hr...we were actually speeding at some points...(12 km in a 10 km zone). If you caught the waves right you could ride them for a bit...felt like we were surfing!

Made record time to our destination...met 2 kayakers who were doing the same trip as us...only opposite direction! Poor people...they are in for a hard day into the wind! Obviously they did not do their homework like my "Captain"...:).
First good-deed of the day for Jeff...gave them one of our sets of bumpers as they had none...need them at some locks where the walls are high and you have to lift kayaks up high walls.

Just as Jeff set up the tent and literally closed the zipper, the skies opened up! It poured rain for about half an hour...we got soaked but our tent didn't and none of our stuff did either...once again...horseshoes!!!

Turned out to be a gorgeous night...
3 big luxury boats from U.S.A and us little kayakers. Then just before 7pm a boat full of guys from Pennsylvania pulls in...wet, loud, friendly, and very interesting! The party has arrived! We are excited!
Jeff offers them fuel tablets to help start their bonfire...really just wants an invite so we don't have to spend the $6 for fire wood! It works...we got the invite! Perfect!
After dinner we decide to have a quick nap to prepare for our wild party night...we woke up at midnight!
Everyone was fast asleep and we missed everything! Damn! Must be getting old? Oh wait...just paddled 4 hard long days in a row...not old yet, just exhausted!!!!!!
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