Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 6 - Julie

Mental note...sleeping at point of land over-looking water sounds peaceful and relaxing...however, at 530am when the sea gulls start squawking on the rocks beside your tent and you don't have a sling-shot to shut them up, not so peaceful!
Early start today...packed and ready to go before locks open! Just means more shopping time when we get to Bobcaygeon :)

9:05 is our official start time...water is like glass and sun is shining...and we have clean clothes...its gonna be a good day!

Sturgeon Lake is our main contender today. I realize when I go to take my first drink that there are 3 ants floating in my water bottle! When you're in the middle of a lake though in the blazing sun you drink the ants! By the bottom of the bottle there is still 1 left...not bad...better then none I suppose.

I reach about the 2 hour mark before I need to stretch. Jeff and I sit side by side and drift in our kayaks for a bit then onwards we go. About half way through our day Jeff announces that he has removed his seat cushion and that perhaps they really did know what they were doing when they designed these boats! Not meant for extra cushions to elevate you at odd angles and throw off the dynamics of how you really should be sitting. Well, 6 hours later we reach our destination and I did not leave the "Bucket" once! Today was "Hump Day". What a great feeling to be comfortable!
Only problem with this is...now I don't have an excuse to get out of boat to go pee. I was forced to use my "female urination" device which I purchased for this trip. Well...one word of advice...practice practice practice!!! All I can say is a man must have designed this thing...I have to figure out how to jump in lake and get back into boat for bathroom breaks! Now I know why Jeff marked his seat cushion with duct tape...said it was so he knew which side he sat on from day to day so he could rotate it so as not to get to worn on one side...really so he didn't get the one I pee'd on!

Once again Mother Nature was kind to us...black storm clouds over-head and you could see the rain falling from them but not a drop of rain on us!

Jeff (aka) Mr Nice-Guy is off doing his 5th good deed of the day...
1: help man take kayak off his houseboat
2: run and save umbrella from falling off houseboat and hitting other boat
3:help old lady out of water after her swim
4:offer Tim's to our neighbors as we go on our walk to get one.
5:sees sailboat coming in and runs to help park.
He's like some kind of "Super Hero"...when someone is in need Jeff springs to action!

So we get to Bobcaygeon at 4pm...25km for the day! Longest paddle so far but easiest and nicest day! We are all set up and Jeff goes to bathroom and I am in the tent setting up when all of a sudden I hear running footsteps and then pounding on the top of the tent. I thought it was some rowdy teenagers (there are a lot here) and I am ready to give them heck...I jump out and surprise its Tristan and Jade (my kids) with my Mom. Now it really has been the best day so far...I haven't seen Tristan in 3 weeks as he was at camp when I left...I think he grew!
After a tour of our home and kayaks we offer them a snack and they raid the goodie bag...then in the car and off to Tim's...Mom you're the greatest!!!
We off-load all our food with them as tomorrow we land in Buckhorn where they will be and we have 2 days off. Going to be light tomorrow!

Dinner out at a pub...watch the sunset...another Tim's run (Jeff's an addict)...blog and bed!
Exhausting day!
Until tomorrow........
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