Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 5 - Julie

Not looking forward to today...2 big lakes to cross which Jeff has warned me can be pretty tough! Must admit, after Couchiching I'm a bit of a chicken!
We are in the water by 10:15 am and head off through a lazy river for about 10km. Just as we are getting to the mouth of where it opens up to Balsam Lake we ask a couple passing by on a big boat how the conditions are? Lady replies "Good luck! But looks like the sun is going to come out". I'm thinking I should call my family now and say my "good-byes"!
We enter and it doesn't look to bad but we decided to take the long way around the island so we don't have to fight waves on the other side if they get bad.
As we approach middle of lake we realize its our lucky day...water is rolling but relaxing and we can actually stop and take pictures and drink water. All is good until a duck emerges from under water just at the bow of Jeff's kayak. All I can say is good thing we are doing laundry tonight! He almost shit his pants and I almost pee'd mine laughing!

Once off Balsam we stop at Marina for ice cream (Jeff) and a coke (me). Jeff bought a cool pair of shorts and some "Kiss me" mints? Mr Good-Deeder (does at least one a day) runs to other side of dock to take a picture for a family so they can all be in the picture. I think he just wanted a closer look at the girl pumping gas with the big boobs!

With only about 8km to go we head out on the home stretch...one more lake (Cameron) to cross and we are home for the night. Once again Mother Nature is on our side! No major waves to talk about and very few boats to contend with. Just as we are getting to the end of the lake the wind starts to pick up and waves start to get bigger. Looking back across the water we can see white-caps starting to form. Thank God we made it in time.

Fenelon Falls is a beautiful spot. Our camp is right at the tip of the grounds over-looking the water on 3 sides of us. I haven't seen Jeff set up this fast the whole trip...Tim Hortons is meters away from us! The Boy loves his Tim's!

We do our laundry and then off to try this calamari I've been hearing about since last year at restaurant across from us. Jeff was right it was pretty awesome. And I finally got some of my kind of food...and of course some malibu.
Don't know how many people know this about Jeff but he's a closet "Bachelorette" fan...as we are waiting for our food he realizes its almost 8 and about to begin. There are 2 TV's at the bar (with no sound) so he asks waitress if she can turn one off the sports channel and on to the Bachelor...she does and we move to the bar and Jeff is a happy Boy!

Back to camp...but not before another Tim's run...hmmmmm...wonder where we are going for breakfast?!

Today was the best day so far for paddling. Perfect weather...relaxing...only got out of kayak twice in a 6 hour period and 25 km (my butt is getting use to sitting)...some laughs...and Tim Hortons!
Definitely it was a "Bucket half full day"
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