Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 11 - Julie

Destination today...Peterborough...28km. Weather looking good and no lakes to cross! Woohoo!
Even got brave and didn't wear my skirt which seals you into Kayak so as to keep dry. I hate that thing!

On the water by 10:30
Very comfortable easy day. Met up with another Kayak (Michael) who had a beautiful boat...all wood! Floated down river with him for a bit and shared stories.
Went through 5 locks today. 3 of them were about 1-1.5kms apart. We actually went through with the same 4 boats at every one. They were waiting for us so... today was our sprint day! No pressure there!!!

Had our 2nd speedo sighting of the trip....have seen more speedos then kayaks! Ewwwwwwww!

Peterborough blew a $70,000 water pump so their lock was not working. Good thing was... no boats on the water today which means no waves. Bad thing...means we have to portage through the biggest lock in the system!!!
Jeff thinks we are going to climb up and down 96 steps (at least 5 times) to get all our gear and kayaks over! No way! I see Reggie...the grass cutter...with a tractor and trailer...light bulb!
Reggie was the "good-deed doer of the day! He took all our gear to other side which saved Jeff a lot of trips ;).
Murphy's soon as we get to other side of lock and get all set up, the lock opens up! Arghhhhh!

Found Tim's...thanks to Gadget Man...only 700 meters from camp...Jeff makes offer to do all the packing tomorrow if I do the Tim's run...only thing was we had to climb Mt. Peterborough to get there! Not happening!
So, he decides to get 2 xl for tonight and one to warm on the stove in morning.....nasty!
"Hi my name is Jeff, and I'm an addict"....

Subway for dinner, cold beer for desert, walk through park...with swooping bats and scary crickets....Jeff tripping over tent peg and me thinking someones busting out of our tent!

Another perfect day!

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