Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 10 - Julie

Can't believe I'm going to say this but actually looking forward to getting back in the "Bucket". 2 days off and feeling revived and had my "kid fix".

Buck horn to Young's Point...25km! Funny how a week ago 25km sounded so far and was we paddle that distance with ease...and lightning speed :)

Perfect day once again...first lock we hit was Love sick where Jeff didn't waste any time and performed first good deed of the swallowed hook on little girls fishing line and he gently removed the hook saved the fish and made girl happy.

We were feeling adventurous and "Gadget Man" found a shortcut on his GPS which took us around an island and cut about 2km off our route. We were unsure of marsh but decided to give it a shot...turned out to be so peaceful and beautiful! As we came out of Marsh-land we saw an island with a church on it...St Peter's on the Rock. Very random spot for a church?!

In the middle of Clear Lake, Jeff sees a rock with Sea gulls all over it...decides that would make a good picture. So guess who gets to climb on sea gull island which of course is covered in! I had to pee anyway...take that sea gulls!

All in all a great paddle day! Arrive at Young's Point set up camp, bath, and off to find a patio for a drink. We stumbled upon liquor store instead. Back to camp only to find that our tent is in direct line of fire of Osprey nest and fresh poop is all over the side of our tent!

Met a couple from Goderich...Bev and Brian who invited us on their boat for a drink...first offer in 10 days! Very nice people!

Played some Cribbage...haven't played in about 20 yrs which is the only reason Jeff beat me!

So off we go to bathroom (after a few drinks) to brush teeth...Jeff knocks on my door and tells me I have to check something out...pitch black outside and we see a UFO down by the bridge! WTF...I'm out of here...little red light keeps appearing and dangles for a second then shoots through the air. Keeps repeating every few seconds...Jeff has to investigate! Damnit!
As we approach we see a little Chinese man(doesn't speak a word of english) who is fly-fishing...he was using a glow in the dark lure! Think we scared him as much as he scared us!

Time for bed before the Aliens attack!

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