Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 10 - Jeff

Perfect day and 26km for first day back on the water. They have been calling for rain and thunderstorms today but I get the feeling weather reports don't mean much, we have had the same forecast since we left 10 days ago and still have yet to paddle in the rain, crossing fingers that continues.

Got up around 7 and did Jeff duty, go get coffee, packed up our kayaks and said farewell to the gang at Oak Bay around 9, thanks again guys, amazing place to take a couple of rest days.

Could see black clouds circling but they kept their distance, the same could not be said for the humidity, was sticky out. Wind was at our back for about the first half, stopped at Lovesick Lock to stretch then back on the water. Burleigh Falls was a busy lock, one of the rare times there were people in the lock with us and it was packed.

Found the little rock in the water I wanted to take a picture sitting on last year, got one of Julie instead as it was a little windy and easier for me to tow the other kayak. Unfortunately, the rock isn't submerged so doesn't look like sitting on the water. Julie was a little nervous I was going to leave her there.

Found an alternate route through some random swamp on GPS and we decided to explore, was cool and a little more wildlife than we have seen so far, made it through and came out at the church , St Peters on the Rock, really cool to see a church in the middle of the lake on an island, no time for lengthy confessions.

Crossed Clear Lake (last in the Kawarthas) setup camp at Youngs Point and set off to find LCBO, met nice couple out for their 11th anniversary and chatted them up a bit, came back to camp to a valuable lesson, don't set tent up under an Osprey nest unless you like bird crap over everything. Lesson 2, if you are going to drag a tent away from said drop zone, don't leave on a hill where you play slide to bottom of tent all night.

Invited on a boat for wine/beer/conversation, thanks Brian and Bev, nice to see there are still boaters around who take that extra step for two people living out of a tent.

Went to wash up for bed and had the craziest UFO sighting, little red dot on horizon, would hover for a bit and then zoom off fast into the distance, watched it do that a couple times and then called Julie out to make sure I wasn't drunk, she confirmed I wasn't seeing things and we were both like hmmm, wtf. Manned up and went to investigate our unique find at the same time searching for the enquirer email on blackberry, not often you see UFO ya know. Turned out to be a fisherman with a lit up bobber and it was him casting that we saw. Laughed hard, too bad he didn't speak english, pretty sure we scared him and then started laughing at him. Time for bed.

Just setting off for Peterborough and heard the lift lock is down with blown transformer, might have to portage the highest lock in the system, damn. Will see what happens when we get there.

Julie is now two days behind on her blog, she says will get to it when she can, Jade will be forced to read mine now ;)

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