Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 13 - Jeff

Our arrival today in Hastings after 26km was much different from my trip last year. No 30mph wind, no 5 foot waves, no 60k marathon, no landing in pitch black, no camping behind macs milk. All around great day, was super hot out but otherwise not a complaint.

Left Harwood around 9:45 after Julie took a trip down to the Alamo to get a picture of Les for our photo album, Lisa sent us off with a smile and a wave and paddle away we go.

Was a relaxing paddle day except for the stifling heat, being on the water for hours in the sun really wears you down, did a morning 15k to beat the afternoon winds on Rice Lake, was like glass the entire way.

Stopped at McCraken Landing, there is a Phil joke/picture in there somewhere for those who follow along on my "Find Phil" posts. Had juicy cheeseburger at Langes resort/trailer park and dads cold root beer, Julie settled for bagel and peanut butter, god that girl loves her peanut butter.

Shortly thereafter, splash, bye bye Julie's sunglasses, don't want to say I told you so but I did warn her a number of times, did she listen? No! We are staring to get raccoon eyes from the sun, this should help her even out the tan.

Got to Hastings and really needed to cool down, felt like a vise on my head, decided to go get beer instead while Julie setup camp, got back and sent her off to do laundry, I am sensing a trend here, don't worry I did dinner and dishes.

Not a huge fan of Hastings Lock, too many damn fishermen, including the one that apparently will be sleeping on the grass behind our tent, he has his pillows, I wish I was joking.

Rice lake is nice when it's calm out and very scenic, time seemed to fly by. Great day and number 13 without rain. Suppose to change tomorrow and we might actually get rained on.

Hope to get to Healey Falls or maybe Cambelford, wow seems like a year ago when we started this adventure, crazy.

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  1. Well 'sweetie' this relaxing (joking of course) is almost coming to an end! You've mastered the trent, perhaps Julie is thinking of doing Georgian Bay next year??? She seems to have adapted to it like duck to water...